This Ad for the YU-GI-OH! and MONSTER STRIKE Collaboration is Amazing

One of my favorite things as a kid was Yu-Gi-Oh!. I loved everything about it. The anime, trading card game, even Dungeon Dice Monsters. Now, there’s a new ad that I wish had come out when I was a kid.

It features a businessman getting all excited, pulling out his phone which has a case that resembles the back of a card in the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime, and then gets Yami Yugi’s (Atem’s) hair and outfit as he plays Monster Strike on his phone.

This ad is done to promote a collaboration between the two franchises as Monster Strike is adding some of Duel Monsters’ biggest names like Dark Magician. Before this ad, I didn’t know what Monster Strike was, and I don’t know that I’m going to ever find out beyond a mobile game, but I needed this ad for the sheer awesomeness that it is.

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