This Captain America Backpack Shield Will Make You the Coolest kid in School

Think Geek has has a Captain America shield backpack for those of us who are looking to embrace our inner hero. The backpack actually seems really awesome. If I were to wear something like this back when I was growing up, I probably would have had the shit kicked out of me for being a geek. These days, though, something like this would make you the coolest kid in school! Of course, if someone did try to give you a hard time, you could always just take the backpack off and beat them with it. 

No time for funny stories, friends - the world is in danger. Ultron is attacking and it's time to get the band back together, so to speak. The Hulk, Iron Man, Emma Peel, Hawkeye, and Black Widow are joining forces to help save everything... and Captain America is nowhere to be found. The team looks to you to take up Cap's shield and lead them to victory. At least, that's how you'll feel every time you pick up your Avengers: Age of Ultron Captain America Shield Backpack!
The Avengers: Age of Ultron Captain America Shield Backpack is a true labor of love. On your back, it looks just like Steve Roger's shield, straps and all. A hard plastic shield will protect your important items. Inside, you'll find a large main pocket, two accessory pockets, and a padded laptop/tablet pocket. And to make sure your Avengers: Age of Ultron Captain America Shield Backpack is comfy on your back for long missions, we've made it all nice and padded. But even the padding has been geeked out a bit, as it looks just like Captain America's uniform front! The Avengers: Age of UltronCaptain America Shield Backpack - Stark Industries tested; Captain America approved!
Please Note: If your Avengers: Age of Ultron Captain America Shield Backpack is full of stuff (especially electronics), don't throw it like Captain America does. It won't come back to you. It will just make you sad.

Click here to order. It costs $50.

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