This Chinese Poster For JUSTICE LEAGUE Shows The DC Heroes Murdering Marvel Heroes

The Justice League poster you see above is an actual poster that is being displayed at movie theaters in China! This is not an official Warner Bros. poster, but it's not stopping China from displaying it. According to CB:

It appeared in several Chinese theaters and on video hosting site iQiyi as the ticketing app for Wanda Cinema, China's biggest theatrical chain.

That's pretty damn funny! As you can see it features the team of DC heroes murdering Marvel heroes. You've got Deadpool impaled on Aquaman's trident, Batman holding Thor's head in his hand, Iron Man torn apart, Wolverine being skewered by Wonder Woman with her sword, The Flash is stepping on the head of Captain America's lifeless body, and Superman has blood on his hands.

I know it's China, but it's still crazy that they are actually using this poster to market the film! It's pretty damn aggressive. It'll be interesting to see if Warner Bros. does anything about this or if they'll just let it slide.

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