This Cool Spider-Man Mask Has Functional Shutter Lenses

One of the coolest aspects of Spider-Man's costume is the way his eyes can express clear emotions even from within the confines of the red and black suit. That's something that's easy to convey in the panels of a comic book, but it becomes a lot more difficult when a real person attempts to take on the mantle. Even Marvel Studios had to rely on CG to alter Spidey's eyes when Tom Holland was in the costume in Captain America: Civil War, so what chance do cosplayers have of being able to pull off convincing eye motion in their own costumes? Thanks to Lenses Factory HK (via Fashionably Geek), those chances just went through the roof.

As you can see in the videos below, they've created functional shutter lenses for the eyes in their Spidey costumes. I'd imagine this kind of thing would be a game-changer for cosplay enthusiasts. A very small number of these will go on sale on April 2, 2017, so if this is the kind of thing that you've been waiting for to take your cosplay game to the next level, you'll find details on how to get one in the final Facebook embed at the bottom of this post.

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