This DRAGON BALL Z and SAILOR MOON Crossover Art Is Incredible

Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon were two of the biggest anime in the 1990s. I loved both of these shows. They were part of my introduction to anime when I was a kid. Well, what if they had some kind of crossover? I imagine not many have actually thought about this, but one artist has. From Hell is an artist on Instagram who swapped the outfits of DBZ and Sailor Moon characters. The edited photo is semi-NSFW:


My favorite part is honestly Yamcha dressed as Sailor Mars. Vegeta dressed as Sailor Mercury is a close second though. Maybe it’s the shows? Of the girls, my favorite is probably Sailor Mars dressed as Yamcha. I’ve included unedited pics below that pair the Sailor Scout with the respective Z Fighter and one of them is NSFW. Which swaps are your favorite? Also, would rather watch Dragon Moon Z or Sailor Ball?

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