This DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Supplement is Free and Should Help Spice Up Travel Time

Travel in Dungeons & Dragons is probably the worst in my opinion. If I’m the Dungeon Master I feel like I either spring an attack on my players to force some spice into the game, or I don’t do anything, and it seems like wasted opportunity to grow the story.

If I’m a player, I’m worried my DM is going to force an encounter because they don’t know what else to do. However, there’s a free fan-made supplement from Alan Tucker, Chad M. Lensch, Harm Delva, C M O’Halloran, Elven Tower, Tony Petrecca, Beatriz T. Dias, David McDonough, Dungeon Rollers, George Sager, Duncan Rhodes, Morten Greis, Richard Malena-Webber, Karl Sciberras, and ELF Vesala called So, a Blind Woman and a Medusa Walk Along the Road…. That is an incredible name in my opinion and I hope it helps me break out of my travelling rut.

So, a Blind Woman provides pre-made encounters and story hooks to help put some flavor in travel and these can help feed your story if you want.

Plus, there’s a random encounter modifier at the end that you can use for fun. Did I mention it’s free? You’ll want to head on over to DMs Guild now and pick this bad boy up for nothing. It looks like an invaluable tool.

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