This DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Supplement Provides Info for Harvesting Beasts

After defeating a group of enemies in Dungeons & Dragons, one of the most common things a Dungeon Master hears is, “I loot the bodies” or some variation of that phrase. Players want rewards for winning fights. However, it doesn’t always make sense for a bear to have some coinage or an item hidden on their person somehow.

Enter this new series of supplements from D. Larson. Larson has created Creature Harvest Index – Beasts to help DMs prepare a bit for this and allow players to skin, declaw, defang, etc. various creatures that normally wouldn’t have any loot. It not only includes what can be harvested from what beasts, but it also covers how much the thing is valued at as well as a distinction of if the item is practical like a pelt, or simply a trophy like some boar tusks.

I will say, this book only covers beasts and so some more exotic creatures are not included, but Larson does plan on creating more of these supplements as the second volume has already been revealed to be Aberrations. You can pick up this supplement over at DMs Guild for $1.

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