This Extended Preview for GO GO POWER RANGERS #11 Reveals SPOILER's Fate

If you’re a Power Rangers fan, you really need to be reading the comics. I thought they weren’t going to be good but decided to try them with the Shattered Grid story and I have been blown away. The next chapter of Shattered Grid will be released on July 4 in Go Go Power Rangers #11. We have a preview of the chapter thanks to CB but be warned, it will spoil some things about the upcoming chapter.

In the preview, we see a few things. First, we have post-apocalyptic Kimberly with Bulk and others trying to escape Drakkon’s goons and that’s when we find out that her goal is to ultimately kill him. However, we also see what happened to Matt. Matt is severely wounded and ends up dying as the small group decides they need to run from their current spot. It then cuts to the same pages we saw in an earlier preview that show more of the fight between the Rangers and the Ranger Slayer. I’m really excited to see how this storyline plays out but is anyone else having a hard time keeping track of who’s who?

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