This Fan-Made Animated GAME OF THRONES Prequel "Doom of Valyria" is Pretty Cool

A Game of Thrones fan by the name of Patrick McCarthy spent two years creating a 20-minute animated fan-made prequel short called "Doom of Valyria." The story dives into the history of the Valyrian Freehold. 

For 5,000 years, the Valyrian Freehold ruled the world, until its surrounding volcanoes obliterated it from history. But, what truly destroyed Valyria?

The animation may not be anything incredible, but the story is pretty cool. It centers a Targaryen brother and sister named Gaemon and Daenys, who are about to be married. This is the first high incestuous marriage in the Freehold, and it ends up causing some major problems. There are also the Valyrian slaves working in the mines, who are starting to get aggressive. This causes a fear that there might be a revolt. It ends with a cliffhanger that us the Doom of the Valyrian Freehold is coming.

As you know, HBO's Game of Thrones has two more seasons left before it ends. Don't worry, though! The cable next work is working on several different spinoffs for the series, a couple of which were pitched by George R.R. Martin. We have no idea what these spinoffs will be about, but McCarthy is hoping that this animated short will inspire one of the series. That's pretty unlikely, but it's awesome to see a fan use his time and talents to tell a story that other Game of Thrones fans might enjoy. 

Via: io9

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