This Fan-Made BLEACH Trailer Increases Desire For Anime to Finish

Bleach is a highly convoluted story, but I love it. The manga finished up a couple of years ago with the Thousand Year Blood War arc. Sadly, the anime was full of filler arcs and was ended in 2012 (four years prior) after they finished the Fullbringer arc.

Many fans have been wanting to see the anime revived for the Thousand Year arc, but nothing has happened. Lucky for us, Retro Ryno, the same people who brought us this cool animation, have made their own trailer for the final arc. After watching it, I really want the anime to be revived for one final season to give fans the end that we deserve.

If you want more Bleach, don’t forget that the live-action movie will be released in Japan on July 20, 2018. Hopefully we’ll be getting a western release later this year.

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