This Fan-Made DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Supplement Gives You a Slightly More Realistic Approach to Creating a Ninja

In Dungeons & Dragons, I have found that the closest official way to become a ninja is by being a Monk and choosing the Way of Shadow monastic tradition. However, I’ve always felt as though Rogues would be really good ninja without the need for ki. Enter Shinobi: Secrets of the Shadow Warriors from Christopher Willett. Willett has created a fan-made new roguish archetype called Shinobi which lets you create a ninja complete with a ninja clan, rank, archenemies, and even former master features. In addition to cool new features, Shinobi includes new items, magic items, NPCs, and enemies based on ninja. The highlight really is the Ninja Tortle who is described like an orange clade animated turtle that many know and love.

This isn’t just about creating a ninja in D&D though as Willett has included a brief history of shinobi and recommendations of books, movies, and anime to help educate the user on ninja if they so desire.

You can pick up Shinobi: Secrets of the Shadow Warriors on DMs Guild for $2.99.

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