THIS IS SPINAL TAP Amplifier Volume Knob Baby Pacifier Dials Things Up To 11

If you're a fan of Rob Reiner's hilarious classic comedy This is Spinal Tap and you or someone you know needs a baby pacifier, today's your lucky day! Fred & Friends has a This is Spinal Tap-themed baby pacifier with an amplifier volume knob that goes up to 11. This inspired one of my favorite scenes in the movie which you can watch below. 

Yeah, I know you don't want to dial any baby's crying volume up to 11, but it's a pacifier, so it's all good.

Fred's CHILL, BABY volume pacifier is designed to provide the comfort babies crave while providing parents with the quiet they really, really need. It's all good, baby. PVC- free, BPA-free, and meets all child safety standards.

If you want one or you want to buy one as a gift, it's only $10!

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