This Is the Coolest Samus Cosplay I've Ever Seen

Back when the Game Boy was the primary handheld gaming device, I was obsessed with Metroid. I was so excited when I finally beat the game, and I was just as shocked as everyone else to discover that Samus was actually a woman the entire time. (I didn't know it back then, but the game was heavily inspired by Ridley Scott's Alien, hence the female protagonist.)

Cosplayer d-slim has created the coolest Samus costume I've ever seen: it almost looks like it could be cardboard, but it has this incredible sheen and reflective quality to it that gives the entire thing a metallic look. The photos come courtesy of Andrew Mori, and you can check out a ton of d-slim's other work on his Facebook page.

As Nintendo continues to pump out sequels to Mario Party instead of giving fans a new Metroid game, it looks like they'll have to turn to the world of cosplay to imagine bold new adventures for Samus Aran.

Via: Kotaku

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