This Japanese Restaurant Has a Batman-Themed Hidden Passageway

In Kashiwa, Japan, just outside of Tokyo, there's a ramen restaurant called Chinrai. If GeekTyrant had a restaurant, I'm pretty sure we'd make access to its bathrooms work exactly the same way as this Chinrai location does.

I'm a sucker for hidden passageways. Have you ever seen a hidden passageway and reacted with "meh?" If so, you probably don't have any joy left inside of you.

Quick side note: I ran the text of that tweet through Google Translate, and this is what came out:

When I thought that there was no toilet, when asked to the clerk, is it said that there is a presence in front of you, what is it? Although it became it, it was awful when I looked closely

Pretty sure that's not actually what it says, but you get the point. The point is, Batman-themed hidden passageway FTW.

Via: That's Nerdalicious

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