This Lord Drakkon Figure is Adorable and Awesome

A Lord Drakkon POP was in the works, but unfortunately, things changed and that’s no longer the case. Instead, the team at Prolific 3D and the Super Sculpting Bros have decided to forge ahead with a Lord Drakkon figure. The new figure may not be a POP and it may not feature his throne, but it’s still great! The inspiration came from this illustration of Drakkon riding a Tyrannosaurus Zord version of those spring horses kids like to play on. The Red Ranger appears to be wanting his turn on the toy and all the other Rangers are looking to fight Drakkon to get him off.

Is that not an adorable drawing? It led to the team to design Drakkon riding a Tyrannosaurus Zord figure. And the color render looks amazing! If you don’t want Drakkon riding a Zord, it appears there will be different legs that allow him to stand and a little cannon that will go on the Zord. I’ve also included a picture of the actual models before they’ve been painted. I really hope that this figure will be purchasable in the not too distant future.

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