This Meme Showcases DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Spellcaster Classes with MCU Characters

I’ve been seeing a fun meme go around lately featuring four of the magic users of the MCU. You have Doctor Strange, Scarlet Witch, Loki, and Scott Lang sharing the page and some hilarious memes have been created with the template including pointing out that only one of them was not dusted or killed by Thanos.

Now, someone has taken the meme and used it to almost perfectly explain the spellcasting classes from Dungeons & Dragons.

In D&D, Wizards gain their spells from extensive study and practice (and usually some kind of focus), not unlike a certain Sorcerer Supreme. Meanwhile, Sorcerers’ power is innate and comes from themselves. Yes, I know that in the MCU the Mind Stone gave her the powers, but she’s not reliant on the Mind Stone to use her powers, so I’ll count it.

Warlocks gain their powers from pacts with some kind of deity or other worldly being. I believe the picture should actually show Loki with the scepter that had the Mind Stone as that is the power the Chitauri gave him, but what am I to do.

Finally, you have Bards. Bards use their magic to inspire their friends much like Scott’s use of sleight of hand to make his daughter smile.

Are these good picks in your opinion, or are there better representations?

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