The New Poster For DAREDEVIL Season 3 Let's The Devil Out


We’ve got a wicked cool new poster to share with you today for Daredevil Season 3! It shows Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) shading his classic red suit to embrace the darkness that lives within so that he can properly let the Devil out to take down Kingpin (Vincent D’Onofrio).

During a previous interview Charlie Cox opened up about the costume that Matt Murdock wears in Season 3 and explains why the character abandons the red suit in favor of his stripped-down black suit.

“The thing with the costume has always been, for me, it sounds silly, but I really need to feel like, from a story point of view, it makes sense and it’s in keeping with the genre and the tone of the show.

“So the way we transitioned into the red costume at the end of season one, the thing that really sold it for me was the conversation Matt had with Father Lantom, where he says, ‘Sometimes it’s important for there to be a symbol to be feared by people.’ It keeps them in check, it allows them to remember why they behave in a moral way. That was the impetus for Matt to go and embrace this symbol, this iconic red suit.”

The actor added:

“It’s not explicit, but my understanding of it is clear. Matt, for various reasons, no longer feels like he is deserving of it. It’s almost like he’s lost that privilege. And also that he is, in some ways, outgrown what it stood for. There’s also another reason why he cannot, literally can not wear the suit.”

We know that Murdock is at the lowest of lows and in a very dark place when we catch up with him in Season 3, so it makes sense that he’s not feeling worthy of the red suit. The question is, will he put on the red suit again by the end of the season?

Missing for months, Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) reemerges a broken man, putting into question his future as both vigilante Daredevil and lawyer Matthew Murdock. But when his archenemy Wilson Fisk (Vincent D’Onofrio) is released from prison, Matt must choose between hiding from the world or embracing his destiny as a hero.

The series also stars Elden Henson (Foggy Nelson), Deborah Ann Woll (Karen Page), Joanne Whalley (Sister Maggie), Wilson Bethel (Benjamin Poindexter aka Bullseye) and Jay Ali (Rahul “Ray” Nadeem).

Daredevil Season 3 is set to premiere on Netflix on October 19th!

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