This Parrot Turns Lights on with Amazon Echo


We recently showed a reason to be scared when around an Amazon Echo. Here’s something a little less creepy for you. Petra is an African Grey and she mimics what she hears in the morning which activates her Amazon Echo. With the signal of a door opening, Petra begins with, “Alexa. All lights on.” The lights then turn on because the Echo is connected to the Insteon switch and hue bulbs installed in the house. The full transcript is as follows:

Petra Mimics what she hears in the morning.
Door opens. “Alexa. All lights on.” Lights come on. Thanks to Amazon Echo, Insteon switch and Hue bulbs.
Petra says “Okay.” in anticipation of Alexa’s own “Okay”
”Petra Sorry. What are you doin? Do you want fresh water peanut? Say your sorry. Do You want fresh water? (?) then laughing. (Noises)

The craziest part is at the end, Petra just laughs. What pets do you have that can use technology like this?

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