This Portable Charger Can Charge Your Laptop Twice Or Your Phone Ten Times Before Recharging


There's a new charger on the way to store shelves, and it's capable of completely charging your laptop twice and your smartphone up to 10 times before it needs a recharge. Needless to say, that's pretty impressive by today's charging standards, and it's why those in tune with the tech world are pre-ordering the Saber today. 

Currently, the device can be pre-ordered for $199, which is a pretty penny, but also cheaper than the $299 the device is expected to retail for. The device is lightweight, holds a powerful charge, and perhaps the most important part, it's TSA friendly! That should save a bulk of you the headache of several pat downs while people twirl your expensive device by its wrist holder trying to figure out how to open it. 

Take a look at some pictures and let us know if you think the price is right for this device. Thanks to The Verge for the heads up!

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