This Post-Apocalyptic Short Film BIOPUNK is Set in the 2054 Wasteland of London

BioPunk is an intense short film that is set in the year 2054. It's explained that this is thirty years after a virus has devastated half the world’s population and "transformed them into something other than human." London has become an unsettling wasteland full of junk peddlers and crazy zealots. The story revolves around a hardass determined woman who is doing the best she can at taking care of her younger brother in this nightmarish world.

The short was directed by Liam Garvo and it's a great proof-of-concept short that introduces us to a world that I'd be curious to learn more about. I also want to point out that the short stars Game of Thrones actor Kristian Nairn, who played Hodor. Check it out!

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