This AVENGERS: ENDGAME Hoodie Is Not the Best for a Hero, But It Is Fine for a Fan

I was recently sent a hoodie from Black Leather Jacket for free that is designed to look similar to the Quantum suits we see the heroes in in the promotional materials for Avengers: Endgame. Last time I was sent a hoodie, I measured myself as a medium and ordered a large since I like my hoodies to be a little big. The sizing seemed off as I deemed it barely fit and many comments insisted it didn’t fit at all. This time, I ordered an XL just to be safe. Here is a stock photo of the hoodie that was sent to me followed by my experience.

Well, this jacket looks very much like the one in the stock photo. The material was also a lot more of what I expected from a cotton hoodie. I was still expecting it to be a little softer, but cotton clothing can have different textures in my experience, and this is one of those acceptable textures. It’s also got a lining to make things feel better on your skin, although I did notice that some of the lining was starting to tear already and I’ve had it for just over 24 hours with minimal use.

Finally, the sizing. I ordered an XL this time even though the sizing puts me somewhere between a medium and a large and this fit about as well as I was expecting. Yes, it’s big. However, I like my hoodies to be big on me. I probably could’ve gotten a large and it would’ve fit better, but better safe than sorry, and it paid off. Better a hoodie be too big than too small.

Overall, I like this jacket and would wear it to my screening of Endgame if I didn’t live in a desert. Yes, there are some things I wish were better like the ripped lining and the softness of the fabric, but there is plenty of good about this hoodie.

If you like it, you can get it starting at $35 from Black Leather Jacket.

Score: 7/10

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