This Quantum Jacket for AVENGERS: ENDGAME from Ultimate Jackets is Too Stiff to Use

Ultimate Jackets recently sent me a new jacket they have available to promote Avengers: Endgame. After how awesome the Batman Beyond jacket was that I got from them, I became really excited. The jacket is based on the Quantum suits that the Avengers will supposedly wear in Endgame, and the stock image of the jacket looks perfect.

So, how does it actually turn out? Well, first, let’s talk about the sizing. Per their size guide, I ordered a medium the same as the Batman Beyond jacket from them. This jacket feels a little short, but the sleeves fit a little better. Second, it looks fantastic in pictures.

I ran into some areas of concern with this Quantum jacket though outside of the sizing. The black is mesh with some kind of padding that make the jacket comfortable. This means the leather parts are more details and less structure of the jacket. I think this led to some weird design choices. The number one problem with this jacket are the arms. They are stiff! The white leather is very thick and hard (insert that’s what she said joke here) making it very hard to move your arms at all. Bending your arms is the worst thing. The worst part is that I don’t think this is the kind of stiffness that will give way with time. Trying to access the outside pockets is a struggle with the stiff sleeves as well and I wouldn’t even dare try accessing the internal pockets.

For a moment I thought that the well armored sleeves meant that this would be a good motorcycle jacket. However, I then realized that most of the back and front were mesh with small amounts of padding and I rethought that idea. To be fair though, I don’t ride motorcycles, so maybe I’m wrong.

Overall, the jacket looks great, but feels terrible to actually wear. Plus, it feels a little short on my torso and I thought I had an average torso size. If you still want it, you can pick it up starting for $105.

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