This Red Ranger Redesign Should Be Used for the Next POWER RANGERS Film


I have loved BOOM! Studios’ Go Go Power Rangers comics. They are amazingly well-done both in story and in art. Dan Mora’s work is absolutely fantastic and now he’s shown us an amazing redesign of the Red Ranger from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.


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This redesign is very similar to the original, but with some key differences. Instead of three white diamonds on the chest, there’s a single light blue diamond. There are more accents throughout the costume as well. My favorite parts are the boots and gloves though which look very futuristic.

I want Hasbro to take note. This is how you redesign classic costumes. If Saban’s Power Rangers had used designs like what Mora has provided instead of the Iron Man-themed costumes, it would’ve been amazing.

Please, Hasbro; use this design when you make your Power Rangers films!

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