This Samus Statue from First 4 Figures Will Light Up Your Life (and Your Desk)

The statue you see above, featuring none other than Metroid leading lady Samus, is pretty slick all by itself, but like Ronco's informercials, it only gets better.

Clap Clap


First 4 Figures wants to illuminate your gaming shelf with its new Light Suit Exclusive Samus Statue, and since Nintendo isn't really doing anything with the license at the moment (no, Smash does not count), Metroid fans at least have this to look forward to. The statue will be released early next year, and scale wise is a pretty impressive 20 inches tall. This is the suit from Metroid Prime 2, but it is just the first in a new series from First 4, so that should make Samus fans happy. The statue will cost around $365, but it can be split up into 3 payments. You can scroll down to see some additional pics of the statue, and you can head here to put in your preorder now.