This Sc-Fi Short Film IN THE GAP Centers on a Woman Who is Forced to Face Her Tattered Past

I've got an interesting Swedish sci-fi short film for you to check out today called In The Gap. The story centers on a woman who is trapped inside a server room by a digital program. There she is forced to face the digital ghosts of her tattered past of mistakes until her time is up. There comes a point where the computer insists she'll feel better once she "uploads" herself to the server core.

The short was written and directed by Albin Glasell who did a great job executing the concept. The movie ends with a twist that you may find intriguing and at the same time confusing. I won't go into any other details but I think that this is a short film some of you will enjoy. It kind of has a Black Mirror vibe to it. Check it out and tell us what you think.

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