This Sci-Fi Animated Short OURO Is a Supernatural Tale of Vengeance

I've got an incredibly cool sci-fi animated short film for you to watch today called "OURO." It's set in the year 3044 in a city called Delta, and the story centers around a girl named Lia, who is murdered. She is then brought back to life through the mystical powers of a snake and embarks on a mission of vengeance against the man who killed her.

The animation style is fun, and I love the 1980's vibe it has with the music. The short was directed by Pierre-Jean Le Moël and Eva Jiahui Gao, and there is no dialogue. It's a visually-fueled story that needs to be much longer. I'd love to see a full film based on this concept because it's a really great. I hope you all enjoy this!

Via: io9

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