This SESAME STREET Parody of THE WALKING DEAD is a Cookie Massacre!


Sesame Street has had a lot of fun over the years with their movie and TV parodies. In one of their more recent episodes, they featured a parody of The Walking Dead and it's an absolute cookie massacre!

The parody is called The Walking Gingerbread and it centers on a horde of gingerbread men known at Crumbies. They are on the loose and terrorizing poor Cookie Monster by eating all of his cookies! Cookie Monster is helped by Muppet versions of Daryl and Michonne and together they try to escape the Crumbies by getting to "The Cookie Safe-Zone", which is, of course, run by The Governor. 

The Crumbies come from a bad batch of cookies and are eating everyone's cookies! The cookies are only safe if they aren't opened. Will Sheriff Graham learn to control his hunger for everyone's safety? Will the boxes of cookies ever be safe again?
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