This Theory May Change Your Thoughts on the Ending of INFINITY WAR

Before I go into the details of this theory: if you have not seen Avengers: Infinity War, turn back now! Major spoilers ahead.


At the end of Infinity War, many were taken aback as so many characters faded into ash. More surprising was that it was the newer heroes like Black Panther and Spider-Man that were disappearing. This, of course, has led many fans to believe that they will all be brought back somehow in Avengers 4, but what if they don’t need to be brought back? What if they’re not dead or in the Soulworld? I know it sounds crazy, and you can probably poke some holes in the theory, but there is a theory out there that the heroes who don’t fade are the ones who died. The Russos have said that the stakes would be high and that deaths would be permanent. Here are some key points of the theory that a lot of fans have been talking about.

The theory revolves around Iron Man as the key. It points to Thanos wishing that the survivors of his purge would remember him. It also hints at Doctor Strange’s final words, apologizing to Tony for giving Thanos the stone because it "was the only way." Out of all the possible outcomes that Doctor Strange saw, maybe the one in which they succeeded involved Tony surviving to live to fight another day to fix everything. Maybe in the process, Tony dies.

Thanos also says something about Tony not being the only one cursed with knowledge. The final key point that I saw was that this movie is all about messing with what is reality. Thanos uses the Reality Stone to play around with the fate of Knowhere, change lasers to bubbles, why not mess with what we, the audience, see and perceive to be real. “Maybe even the dead don’t really know they’re dead yet because of that stone.”

Of course, it’s not too hard to poke a couple holes in this theory. Why did Spider-Man talk about not wanting to go if he didn’t die or go to another dimension? How would this work with Avengers 4? Let me know how you would poke holes in this theory using evidence from the film. Do you think this theory has any credibility?

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