This TIE Fighter-Shaped Music Box Plays More Than Just The STAR WARS Theme Song

If your house or apartment is full of Star Wars stuff but is lacking a soothing musical component, then this TIE Fighter-shaped music box is right up your alley. It definitely has a sleek look to it, and the wings are almost bug-like with those holes in them. Each "engine" on the MusicMachine3 from MB&F has the capability to play three songs, and I don't know if it was a rights issue or what, but for some reason, it plays songs that have nothing to do with Star Wars. Sure, John Williams' iconic main theme is in there, but so is the James Bond theme song, the Mission: Impossible theme song, and music from The Godfather, something called Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence, and The Persuaders. Why they wouldn't just have it play all Star Wars music, I'll never know. Who wants to hear the Bond theme coming from a TIE Fighter? Senseless. Either way, it still looks cool. See it in action below.