This Fascinating Video Talks About How Video Games Affect Our Brains

People are often debating the effects of video games on humans. Some claim that video games fry our brains and others say that gaming helps things like hand-eye coordination. Well, Peter Rubin from WIRED decided to investigate by talking to doctors, researchers, and pro-gamers. You can watch the whole video below, but I thought I’d give a summary of his findings.

Gaming in moderation is best, especially if you are into action games like Fortnite. Also, do some hand stretches before you play. There are a couple of suggestions from an orthopedic surgeon in the video to help prevent physical injury. Finally, gaming’s biggest gains are on the cognitive functions of your brain, but research is still trying to decide if those effects translate to real-world use.

Watch the video and let us know what you think about what it’s telling us.

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