Thomas Jane Set to Star in SyFy Series THE EXPANSE

Thomas Jane is in my opinion one of the most underrated actors in Hollywood. The guy is extremely talented, but for some reason he's not utilized in the movies. He was great in films like The Punisher and The Mist, and he should be doing more. 

The SyFy Channel has brought him in to star in a new sci-fi thriller called The Expanse. It's based on the best-selling book series known for titles such as Leviathan Wakes.

According to Variety this will be a 10-hour drama, which is described as "a space opera that is set 200 years in the future." The story follows a character named Detective Miller (Jane), "a native of 'the Asteroid Belt' between Mars and Jupiter where he is a dedicated cop for the corporate security force operating as the law in the Belt. He finds a new sense of purpose when he and a rogue ship’s captain lead an investigation into a missing heiress that helps them uncover a great conspiracy."

Syfy’s executive VP of original content made the announcement and said:

“Thomas Jane is exactly the type of high caliber actor we hoped this project would attract. The intelligence and nuance he brings to every performance is perfect for the role of Miller.”

I'm glad to see Jane getting more work, and this sounds like it will be a perfect project for him to take on. Hopefully he will get better film projects in the future.

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