Thor is Said to Have a Compelling Pivotal Role in AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR

Although Asgard was destroyed in Thor: Ragnarok, Thor's (Chris Hemsworth) epic story will continue in Avengers: Infinity War. And while we don't know what exactly his story arc will entail, apparently his role in the story is going to be a compelling and pivotal one. We already learned that he will have the most screen time in the film next to Thanos.

Director Joe Russo recently talked to CB about the upcoming film and what Thor's place in the story will be. 

"I think between Ragnarok and this film, I think Thor has a really, really compelling arc. I think he's a pretty fascinating character, and I think he's going to jump to the forefront of people's mind, as a pivotal Marvel character, after Ragnarok and this."

The future of Thor is uncertain. We know that he's not going to be having a fun time in Infinity War though. He looks like he's going to go through some hard and painful times. I know that Taika Wiatiti and Hemsworth would love to do another Thor film together, but will the character actually make it through the end of Avengers 4? We'll eventually find out. Russo goes on to talk about how he enjoys the comedic take on Thor, saying:

"We grew up executing projects that were in a similar vein as Taika's sensibility. Arrested Development, Community. We jive very well with Taika, and with the direction he's taking that character in. I think that we always want and desire, as filmmakers, pathos as well, out of our characters. We find that humor and pathos in combination create a more profound experience for you. I think that Taika has done that very well in Ragnarok. We now get to take Thor on a really compelling journey."

Judging from what we've seen and heard so far, Thor will be spending a lot of time with Rocket Raccoon and Groot as he goes on the search for a new weapon that will help the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy as they try to stop Thanos from destroying half of the universe. Maybe Thor and this weapon, which is called the Stormbreaker, is the key to stopping Thanos?

What do you think Thor's pivital role in the story will be? 

Avengers: Infinity War will be released in theaters on April 27th.

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