THOR: RAGNAROK Director Explains How a Hilarious Big Cameo Scene Ended Up in the Film

Thor: Ragnarok is packed full of some wonderful surprises that fans are going to get a kick out of. One of those surprises involves an incredibly funny scene with three actors who make a cameo appearance. If you don't want to know any details on this scene, I suggest you don't read ahead.


If was previously rumored that Matt Damon would have a cameo in the film. That's a rumor that I didn't really believe until I actually saw it in the film!

In the scene, there's a stage play being performed on Asgard. That play recounts the event of Thor: The Dark World. Matt Damon plays Loki in the scene and he is joined by Jurassic Park's Sam Neill who plays Odin, and Chris Hemsworth's real-life brother, Luke Hemsworth, plays Thor. 

As I was watching the film, and the audience slowly realized who they were watching play these characters, they just started busting up laughing. It's pretty amazing to watch as the scene plays out. 

During a recent interview with Games Rader, director Taika Waititi talked about the scene and how it came about:

"When that particular scene was written they weren't supposed to be cameos. We filmed it and then we realized it might be funnier if we make it more of an in-joke, where the stars of this play were stars on earth. I particularly love that scene because those are some of my favorite people and they're all in this ridiculous theater. It just makes me happy." 

It will make the audiences happy as well! Thor: Ragnarok will be released on November 3.

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