THOR: RAGNAROK Director Wishes Deadpool Could Have Appeared In The Film


Thor: Ragnarok will no doubt go down as one of Marvel's funniest and most enjoyable films in the entire MCU, but it will forever be missing the funniest Marvel character. Ragnarok already features an impressive lineup of Marvel heroes like The Hulk, Thor, Valkyrie, and villains like Hela, so how could you possibly up the ante? Maybe by adding a certain merc with a mouth? Ragnarok director Taika Waititi was recently asked by a fan on Twitter who he would bring in if he could choose any Marvel character, Waititi responded:

"Deadpoop. But, y'know... laws n shit."

Waititi is, of course referring to the fact that Deadpool's rights are currently held by 20th Century FOX, and the studio is probably not planning on letting go of their raunchy and foul-mouthed hero.

It kind of goes without saying that a Waititi version of Deadpool would be incredible and Ryan Reynolds would probably thrive with how much improvisation the director uses.

Waititi told MTV News that about 80% of Thor: Ragnarok was improvised, which yielded some of the movies best stuff. So much so that actor Mark Ruffalo wondered how they hadn't been fired yet.

"Mark Ruffalo would be finished shooting for the day," Waititi said. "And he'd come up to me and he'd be like, 'Why have we not been fired yet? We are doing the most insane stuff in this film, so where's the phone call?'"

Ryan Reynolds is known for improvising and both films also have similar visions in how seriously they take themselves. I.E., not very seriously at all.

"If we were taking things a little too seriously. I would say, ‘Never forget that we're making a cosmic adventure with a space Viking.' That sort of captures it all. We've got the Incredible Hulk, and a giant woman with antlers. We've got aliens and spaceships. It's almost like a bunch of kids were asked what they wanted to put into a movie, and then we just did that."

Even though we won't be seeing Deadpool, you can still catch Thor: Ragnarok when it hits theaters on November 3.

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