"Throne of Games" by Aaron Jasinski

So, I guess it goes without saying, but these thrones, while cool looking, just cannot be comfortable to sit in. I mean isn't that one of the perks of being King or Queen of something? Aren't you supposed to get all the high priced royalty stuff that is suppose to be the culmination of exquisite design and ultimate comfort? Not so much with Mario's Game of Thrones inspired throne, though it was brilliantly drawn and painted by Aaron Jasinski. Mario was recreated quite nicely here, giant hammer and all, but looking at this piece for more than 5 seconds quickly devolves into a game of spot your favorite console. For the record, the Dreamcast is in the bottom right hand corner, and yes, you're welcome. You can catch more of Aaron's work on his Deviant Art page here, and make sure to put in a request for a Luigi version that has him on a smaller throne made up of just Virtual Boys, N-Gages, and Jaguars. Poor Luigi. 

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