THX is Making a Big Movie Theater Comeback With THX ULTIMATE CINEMA


When I went to the movies while I was growing up, almost every movie theater was equipped with THX, which was the ultimate movie theater sound system for years. THX was the quality assurance system that was originally founded by Star Wars creator George Lucas for Return of the Jedi.

I’m sure that many of you remember the THX intro, and if you don’t here’s a reminder:

It’s been a long time since THX has been around. There have been so many other incredible advancements in cinema technology from IMAX and Dolby Cinema that THX kind of just faded away. Well, it looks like it’s about to make an epic comeback!

THX has recently announced THX Ultimate Cinema. This will be one other option made to audiences to experience their movies in.

The first THX Ultimate Cinema experience will be placed in the Regency Westwood Village Theater in Los Angeles and it will launch in the spring/summer of 2019. Theater owners will be able to buy the system and set their own pricing for their individual markets.

Here’s the announcement:

So, what will make THX Ultimate Cinema different from the rest of the cinema experiences that are out there? On top of the recognizable nostalgic name brand, THR explains:

THX Ultimate Cinema offers a THX-certified auditorium that uses Barco’s ultra bright, 4K and HDR-capable dual laser projection system combined with a THX-certified immersive sound system of the theater’s choice that exceeds the number of speakers used for 7.1 surround sound (this could include Dolby Atmos).

It’s also explained that THX’s new system “will support at least 30 specially mastered movies for the brand each year, and it also supports standard Digital Cinema Packages (the digital equivalent of a film print) so that a theater has the flexibility to play any movie in the auditorium.”

It’s cool to see that THX is going to be coming back in theaters. I’m curious to see what it brings to the cinema experience. But, if I’m going to pay extra money for a premium theatrical experience, I think I’m just going to stick with IMAX.

What do you think about THX making a comeback?

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