TITANS Series Call Sheet Leaked and Reveals Potential for Bruce Wayne to Appear

DC is working on their own streaming platform and one of the main reasons people are interested is because of the live-action Titans series that will premiere on it. As we learn more about the show, the more excited I get. Thanks to our friends at CBM, a call sheet for Titans has been leaked and it points to two interesting locations that it appears our heroes will visit. The first is Bruce’s Penthouse. The leader of the Titans is Dick Grayson, so it makes some sense that he would have access to such a place, but the real question is, what role will it serve? Is it the base for the Titans during the first season or so? Seems likely since there’s a location labeled Rachel’s (Raven) Room. Will Bruce Wayne make an appearance? So many questions!

The second location is an asylum. It looks like the team somehow gets locked up in their own rooms in the looney bin and I imagine they have to break out, free the others, and kick butt. Although it would be kind of cool, I'm guessing this is not Arkham. Now I’m excited for episode 8 when this all seems to happen. There is still no release date for the platform or the show itself, but Titans is expected before the end of the year.

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