Todd McFarlane Reveals His Earliest Design For SPAWN From When He Was a Kid

I've been a fan of Todd McFarlane's Spawn ever since the comic first debuted in 1992. I was obsessed with this comic and I just couldn't get enough of it. Spawn was eventually adapted into a disappointing feature film and an incredibly awesome animated series that aired on HBO. 

McFarlane recently shared one of his earliest designs for the character that he came up with when he was just a kid. It's amazing how far the character has come since this conception. His original concept for the character was a sci-fi inspired story in which Spawn came from space. The art came with the following note from McFarlane:

Spawn didn't always start out as a character from Hell.
When I first created Spawn as a kid, it was more of a sci-fi story. To me...sci-fi means space. Space is cold. Cold is BLUE.
Many years later, when I pulled out my portfolio, I decided to make Spawn from the pit of HELL!
Hell is HOT so I played around with the colors and ended up with the Spawn you see today.
Imaging what the story would've looked like if Spawn looked to the stars or CAME from them....

Now check out the art and hit us up with your thoughts in the comment section.

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