Todd McFarlane Wants to Return to Developing SPAWN Comic Books Full Time

Todd McFarlane started out as a comic book artist who stormed the world with crazy scary and twisted looking characters including Spawn as well as creating the iconic look of Venom as we know him. And while he’s still been involved with comics to some point, he has also been doing so many other things that comic book have taken a back seat. But, it looks like he’s planning to make a big comic book comeback.

In a conversation with CB, McFarlane mentions his goal to return to doing comics full time. As you know, or maybe not, he’s been doing so many things lately including a toy line that is very popular and many different art projects. While talking, he said that he wants to return to comic books though.

"We're two years away from Spawn being issue 300, that will tie Cerebus for the longest, and then #301 it becomes the longest running independent comic book in the history of America, so that's still going to happen, and so at some point once I'm done playing in all of these other sorts of ponds, I'll come back on a full time basis and then probably die at the board.
"Here’s what I’ve always said. I think my life, my career will go full circle, right. I started as a comic book guy and then I started branching off and doing all of this art stuff and started other companies, and now we’re starting to do some stuff that’s getting some traction in Hollywood."

He has had quite a bit of success, especially in recent years. In a couple years he will have the longest running independent comic book ever. Not only that, but there is another film in the works by Blumhouse pictures, who are known for such novelty horrors like The Purge and Paranormal Activity. With McFarlane directing, it will be interesting to see how that turns out.

I’m just glad to hear he wants to come back. So often artists go off to do bigger and better things and leave their old life behind. It looks like McFarlane still remembers his roots.

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