Tokyo Comic-Con is Banning Men From Dressing Like Women at The Convention

Tokyo Comic-Con, located in the center of one of the most well-established geek cultures of the world, is prohibiting men from dressing like women at the conventions, according to Anime News Network. The convention also notes that they will be banning real military costumes, excessive skin exposure, and transparent costumes.

Hilariously enough, the reason for this is almost more sexist than the action itself. From the source:

Event staff are wary of attracting a large number of stereotypically unattractive men dressed as women.

So basically they don't want a bunch of ugly dudes dressed as women, which is surprisingly a common problem at Japanese conventions? My opinion is if a guy wants to romp around in whatever skin-tight anime character clothing he wants and feel comfortable with it, he should be free to! Conventions are about fun — someone needs to express that to the Japanese!

On a hilarious and related note:

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