Tokyo Wedding Chapel Allowing Men To Marry Their "Waifu"

We've hit a new low in anime culture. When the waifu trend started I was cool with it because it seems like it was mostly a meme and guys aren't actually in love with female characters from popular anime. It seems like the other shoe dropped sometime recently and now Japan is offering men the chance to make the union with their waifu an eternal bond...through marriage.

As Destructoid points out, this Japanese chapel isn't just letting you marry whoever you want though, but rather doing it as a promotion for the dating sim Nitzuma Lovely x Cation. Men will have the opportunity to win the hearts of one of three totally imaginary ladies...and then marry them. Here's a trailer for the game...

Is the dating scene really that bad in Japan? Is this the new normal? The game doesn't release until April 28th...and the weddings will begin June 30th according to the promotion. Let's hope the promotion fails, for humanity's sake.

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