Tom Cruise Already Has Some Big Ideas for MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 7

If you thought Tom Cruise was done and ready to move on from the Mission: Impossible franchise, you’d be wrong. The actor is already thinking about the next chapter in the story, and according to director Christopher McQuarrie, Cruise has got a lot of big ideas for Mission: Impossible 7!

While talking to Collider, the director said, "I can tell you Tom already has a lot of really big ideas. World-topping shit."

I guess it’d have to be world-topping shit after what they ended up pulling off in Mission: Impossible - Fallout. I mean, seriously, how do you top that!? Well, taking Ethan Hunt and his team into space is a fan-favorite option, and when that is brought up with McQuarrie in the interview, it’s something he’s not ruling out:

"That would be entirely up to SpaceX or NASA. They would have to be involved with that, I would imagine. Or Paramount Pictures. I don’t know how much they want to invest."

Cruise previously talked about the possibility of taking the story into space saying:

“We’ve thought about it. It’s like how do we do it? It’s the mechanics of getting it there. How do you build a sequence there and how long can we have that sequence? Because if I went up and just dropped, it’s the kind of time — how do you put that into the structure of a screenplay of a Mission? When we’re doing these things, there’s so much story going on. As opposed to just a cool shot, we want character and story going throughout. I can’t help but look at that building up here or at the Eiffel Tower and seeing stories. What could the team do and what could we do? But we have thought about that.”

It would certainly take the franchise to a whole new level. After seeing Hunt on an intergalactic adventure, it’d all be downhill from there.

I’m a big fan of the Mission: Impossible franchise, and as long as Cruise keeps making great films for the franchise I’ll keep showing up to watch them. It’s been pretty cool to see this team of talent keep that franchise fresh and exciting.

What would you like to see in the next Mission: Impossible film? What crazy insane stunts would you like to see Tom Cruise try and pull off next?

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