Tom Cruise Would Like a Word About Your HD Settings


Tom Cruise is currently shooting Top Gun: Maverick, but he is worried. Very, very worried, you guys. You see, Mission: Impossible - Fallout just came out on DVD and Blu-ray (it has been on iTunes and Amazon for a couple weeks), and he thinks you might not get the optimum viewing experience. And that is unacceptable. The great thing about Tom Cruise is that he loves his fans, and he LOVES movies, and he wants to fix that for you. So he and Christopher McQuarrie got together and shot this video to teach us all about the dangers of video interpolation (the way he spits out “interpolation” is maybe my favorite movie of the year).

As you hopefully all know, HD televisions come with a feature that is often called "motion smoothing" turned on. It makes sports look really good, and it makes movies look desperately bad. Like, the first time I saw it, I maybe freaked out and told my husband to return our new TV. Cruise and McQuarrie explain why this is bad and how you can find out how to turn it off so that when you watch Fallout on repeat for the next few weeks it won't look like a soap opera.

I kind of think Tom Cruise should make an ongoing series of PSAs teaching people how to get the most out of their tech. Maybe he is the one who can finally teach my dad how the DVR works.

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