Tom Hanks Recruits a Team of Wax US Presidents To Save The World in John Oliver Comedy Short

"Gentlemen… let’s go wax these bastards." 

John Oliver is having some fun with five wax U.S. Presidents that he purchased for $13,700 from a museum that closed down in Gettysburg, Pa. He managed to get a hold of figures of Warren G. Harding, Bill Clinton, Richard Nixon, William Henry Harrison and Jimmy Carter.

Oliver previously produced a fake trailer for a film called Harding with Anna Kendrick and Laura Linney fighting for the love of a life-size wax figure of Warren G. Harding. Now he ups the ante with a great little short called Wax Presidents. The best part is... it stars Tom Hanks!

In the short, we see Hanks approach the five presidents to recruit them because “the fate of humanity is at stake” and he needs their help to save the world. I love how dead serious Hanks is in this silly video with these creepy-ass wax figures. If you're a fan of John Oliver, Tom Hanks, or Wax Presidents, you're gonna enjoy this! 

I also included the previously released video with Anna Kendrick below as well in case you didn't see it.

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