Tom Holland Explains Why Making His Spider-Man More Naive Is an Asset to the Character

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My generation has had three actors take on the character Spider-Man, and in my opinion, they got better every time. Tobey Maguire took on the role in 2002 and in two subsequent sequels, and the world was in awe.

We had never had a modern take on the teenage character, and the CG was the best it had ever been. I was totally blown away by that first movie, and I remember feeling like I was flying down the streets of New York right along with him. The next two movies were also fun, but the third garnered a lot of criticism, and the magic had worn off a bit from these actors who were starting to feel too old to play Spidey and friends.

Next up, we got Andrew Garfield in the role. I loved this Spider-Man. Fans were not as happy overall, but I didn’t care. And I was super sad that we didn’t get a third film with him in it.

Then, we got Marvel’s baby, the Infinity Saga’s webcrawler, Tom Holland. It felt like a very fresh start with Holland because he was so young, they didn’t trudge us through yet another Uncle Ben death, and they plunged this wide-eyed teen right into the big league action of the Avengers.

Holland was recently asked on Quora why he thought his spider-man was portrayed as “weaker, naive and foolish.” Holland responded, and said:

Because it makes me more interesting, I guess. It gives me more room to grow. If you start out a badass, there's nowhere to go. I don't know.

This totally makes sense, and makes his Spider-Man way more endearing and relatable. He is going through all his Spider-Man related issues, while also awkwardly navigating life, girls, friendships, jerks at school, school work, and a high stress job. I think this Spider-Man is the closest one to the comics, and I love him. What do you think? Who is your favorite Spider-Man?

via: CinemaBlend

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