Tom Holland Hopes That His UNCHARTED Prequel Film Works Out

Oh, Hollywood. You so crazy. Always promising things and then changing your mind. Recently there has been a lot of "up in the air" business with the live-action Uncharted film.

There has recently been some hype around it, specifically with Tom Holland playing the Indiana Jones-like character of Nathan Drake. Some of that hype has died down, and many are wondering if it will still come to pass. But there has been good news as well. Shawn Levy has been set to direct, and things are again moving forward... hopefully. Recently in an interview, Holland had some good things to say, but was very careful with his wording.

"The idea is to make an origin story for Nathan Drake, something we haven't really seen since the games take place later in his life, but at the moment this is just a conversation. I sat down with Tom Rothman and we sort of came up with this idea, and I sat down with Shawn Levy to talk about this idea, and believe me, this is something I'm very passionate about, that I would love to do, but it just depends if it's going to work out."

So, Holland really wants to do it, but it's just taking a lot of time. It's gotta be rough for Holland, what with nothing else to do with his time- OH WAIT. HE'S SPIDER-MAN! Life must be so hard for you, awesome actor who is playing his and my favorite superhero. Complain some more to me. I'm not really mad, but seriously... first world Hollywood problems. 

I do hope they end up making this. If for no better reason, to finally make a good video game movie.

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