Tony Stark and Steve Rogers Trailer Scene Might Not Even Be in AVENGERS: ENDGAME

There’s a pretty big and exciting scene in the latest trailer for Avengers: Endgame that shows Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) asking Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) if he trusts him. Steve says he does and then they shake hands. 

A lot of fans are talking about this scene because we get to see Stark and Rogers working together again! They are putting aside their differences to stop a bigger threat!

Well, it turns out this scene might not actually even be in the movie! During and interview with FOX 5 DC, directors Joe and Anthony Russo were asked about the scene, and Joe said: 

“That scene actually isn’t in the movie. So you know we like to tell people we manipulate the trailers to obfuscate what happens in these films.”

When asked if they were joking, Joey responded with, “Am I joking?” a Anthony smiles and says:

“The relationship between Tony Stark and Steve Rogers is a relationship we’ve been following for a long time. It’s a very special story arc."

Joe then added, “Ehh, maybe it is in the movie.”

These two guys are in a position where they must have so much fun messing with the fans like this! We can’t tell if they’re lying or telling the truth, but it wouldn’t surprise me if the scene didn’t end up in the movie. But, there’s got to be a reunion scene of sorts… right!?

What do you think about the scene in question? Are the Russos telling the truth or are they just messing with us?

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