Top 10 Badass Hero and Villain Headquarters

Obviously, when they’re alone and life is making them lonely, superheroes need a place to go. Whether it’s downtown or a massive crystal fortress, it’s good for them to have a place to decompress and plot new strategies. Conversely, super villains need a place to hide from the (completely ineffectual) law and devise their latest schemes. Theoretically, they could do this in a basement studio apartment, but where’s the fun in that? If you’re going to have a secret hideoout/lair/fortress/getaway, make it as cool as possible, with shiny gadgets and manly minimalist decor.

GeekTyrant has teamed with Green Label to bring you the absolute greatest super secret hideouts in all of geekdom. We identify the best and explain why we wish they were ours. Here are...

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