The 39 Actors Who Have Had the Most Movie Deaths; Surprisingly Sean Bean Isn't Number One!

When we think about actors who constantly die in the movies they star in, most of us will think about Sean Bean. It seems like the guy has been killed off in almost every project that he's been a part of over the past 20 years.

You might be surprised to hear that there are other actors who have been killed off in films more than he has! Nerdist actually put together a list ranking the top 39 actors who have been killed in film and TV shows. Bean takes the number four spot with 32 deaths!

The three actors who top the list are Vincent Price at number 3, Bela Lugosi at number 2, and John Hurt taking the number one spot with 43 deaths. You can check out the graph that they put together below.

Are you surprised to hear that Bean came in at number 4? You could say that he's number one for the modern generation!

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