Topher Grace Helped Cut Together a Stunning 5-Minute STAR WARS Trailer That Features All Ten Films

If you’ve ever wondered what a trailer would look like for all ten Star Wars films that have been made, wonder no longer because it now exists and it’s pretty damn awesome.

The five minute trailer was cut together by mega Star Wars fans Topher Grace and editor Jeff Yorkes. What they ended up doing with this is pretty spectacular, and I think fans are really going to dig it. It’s pretty cool seeing how they connect all of the films so that it gives us a cohesive overview of the entire franchise.

Grace enjoys editing films and previously made a fan edit of all of the Star Wars prequels into an 85-minute movie, and he also most recently recently edited the The Hobbit trilogy into a two-hour film. We’ll never see those fan edits, but they do exist.

Watch the fan-made trailer below a then let us know what you think about how it turned out!

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